Welcome Annieglass to Craig’s!

Welcome Annieglass to Craig’s!

If you’ve ever shopped at Craig’s, you know we personally curate our jewelry collection to reflect current fashion styles along with classic, timeless pieces, the customers’ wishes and wants, and designers whose quality and standards are similar to our own. So when we add a new designer or line… you know we love it and stand behind it.

So we’ve decided to go back to our roots and offer some tabletop accessories for your home.

Classic, yet modern, Annieglass is sustainably handcrafted in California, and select collections are hand painted with 24k gold and genuine platinum, then each piece is individually set by hand into kilns, where at high temperatures the glass drapes over handmade ceramic molds. The precious metals permanently fuse to the glass during this step, and the glass “slumps” into their mold’s individual patterns, rendering each piece of Annieglass a unique work of art.

Annieglass is food and dishwasher safe, however, it is not recommended for oven or microwave use. Because each piece is handcrafted (and the unique firing process for adding the gold and platinum), each accessory is slightly different with varying characteristics. To own a Annieglass piece is to own a piece of art!

See pieces in our collection:


Questions? Pricing? Please call, (203) 438-3701. Gift can be mailed within the United States. Gift wrap included.